Preview: Dolomite Minor EP launch at The Joiners (03/08/12)


Every time I go and see these guys I’m always taken aback by what an incredible sound they can make. Who needs a bass player when you can sound this good as a duo? Their joint presence fills the stage enough; the musical chemistry between them is obvious, the breaks are spot-on, the fills are spot on. It works very well.

The first time I saw Dolomite Minor, I was gigging alongside them at Battle of the Bands at The Talking Heads and was in a bit of a daze having just played my first gig in over a year. But I digress – they’re good, very good. I thought to myself “look at what fantastic musicians I’m getting to play alongside”. Their style is grungy with raw and sometimes harsh vocals from singer and guitarist Joe Grimshaw and consistently solid drumming from Max Palmier. Influences come from the likes of Band of Skulls (they’re pretty much mates with them now!), The Black Keys and The Doors.

I asked them how they got their name whilst at their recent gig at the Soul Cellar. It’s after the classic cars Dolomite Triumph and Morris Minor. Easy enough then, and they certainly have a classic garage rock sound. I expected Max to say he’d been drumming for most of his life – he gives off an air of pure professionalism, talent and experience; “I started playing two years ago, I used to just play guitar”. I was genuinely taken aback at this! What’s more, they’ve only just left school having formed two years ago.

You don’t have to know their repertoire to enjoy their set, they always nail it and build a great atmosphere. They’re definitely one of the best bands around Southampton at the moment and ones to keep a beady eye on. At their E.P launch this Friday, they’ll be supported by Kassassin Street, The Redundants and Old Culture. Tickets are £5 in advance and can be purchased here.


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