2021 Ultimate Gigs: The Score


It’s hard to imagine that an American indie duo who gained recognition because of an advert could, in the span of a few years have over a million subscribers on YouTube and an international tour, but The Score has done it. With memorable pieces like ‘Revolution’ and ‘Stronger’, they’ve captured fans around the world, and with a jam-packed tour to match.

It was the first time I was going to be able to attend one of their gigs and you can imagine the heartbreak when it was cancelled mere days before the UK leg of their ‘Run like a Rebel’ tour was meant to start. Originally meant to be playing four dates including a venue in London and Brighton, the duo announced on March 12th that they were having to postpone due to the ongoing pandemic.

Thankfully, the four dates have been rescheduled for November 2021, and after dropping a new album during lockdown, the upcoming rescheduled dates are bound to be filled with music and the energy we were once deprived of. Most of the venues they’re scheduled (and now rescheduled) to play are smaller, intimate locations, such as Powerhaus in London, which is where I have tickets to see them (with standing room only). It gives a different experience than in those larger venues which is what I’m more used to.

I can’t wait to get back into a venue and The Score is definitely going to bring the joy of seeing live music back to me. This band has been one I have been desperate to see live for years, and just looking at the recordings on past concerts on YouTube show just how upbeat and fun it is to be in the audience.

‘Stronger’ is available to listen to now via Republic Records.


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