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LIFE, Hull-based alternative band, are an act that seeing live allows a vastly different experience than listening to on record.

Their debut album Popular Music (2017) introduced the band’s unique post-punk sound, combining energetic guitar riffs, angry drumbeats and passionately aggressive vocals. Singing of the wider community, specifically austerity, Brexit and police violence, their debut clearly outlines where their passion lies. Their anti-Trump and anti-Tory attitude is one aspect which helps get a live performance more lively, with the crowd rallied up in joint frustration with the band.

From their debut, ‘In Your Hands’ stands out particularly as being the most powerful live, as the chorus aggressively repeats, forcing the crowd to move rhythmically in time.

However, it’s their sophomore album A Picture of Good Health, released last year, where their live performance stands out. Every single song is just as powerful as the others, as the band focus their lyrical attention more on themselves, rather than the wider community.

In their perfomance, lead singer Mez Green is most intriguing. Whilst the rest of the band on stage play energetically, looking like they’re all enjoying themselves, Mez moves the most out of them all. Bouncing around the stage, into the crowd, and back onto the stage, all whilst making the most fascinating expressions and dance moves, he captivates an entire crowd. How he does all this whilst maintaining his crisp, powerful vocals is a miracle – but he manages.

‘Bum Hour’ is definitely most powerful live. It’s impossible to not scream and move as Mez shouts, “all my mates are out of town, this is the bum hour calling”.

What is so great about LIFE is that every aspect of their music enables their performance to be so memorable. Whilst the guitars and drum provide the energetic base of their tunes, Mez upholds this in his powerful, aggressive singing.

LIFE are the type of band that could hold a crowd both at the smallest and largest venues. Their energetic performance in an intimate venue means the entire crowd can mirror their energy easily. But, it’s also easy to imagine the band causing ruckus in bigger venues with their loud, aggressive sound. Although, Mez might find it a little bit harder to jump from the stage, into the audience, and back up again…

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