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Madonna, Britney and Christina Aguilera – 2003

In 2003 the world was shocked as Madonna kissed both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on stage at the VMAs. It was a thrilling moment for fans across the globe and the live audience as the pop icons exchanged a passionate French kiss in front of millions. The camera dramatically flips to Britney’s ex Justin Timberlake who looked unimpressed with his ex for getting cheeky with Madonna. This can be considered a platonic romantic moment between the three girls who hit the headlines for this ‘raunchy’ moment. The moment goes down in history as displays of same-sex affection was not featured on TV and though it was only for publicity it slowly opened the pathway for homosexual couples to publicly display affection.

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Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande – Don’t Dream It’s Over, One Love Manchester

Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande’s performance of ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ at One Love Manchester showed some serious chemistry between the pair. Throughout the song they smiled, joked, got the crowd waving along and even paused for an impromptu dance halfway through. Though somewhat PG for Miley, she of cause had to end it with a little more romance, giving Ariana a peck on the cheek as the song came to a close. However, nothing can top the romance levels on their Happy Hippie Presents version of this song, where Miley literally says “sorry I was flirting” after being called the “cutest unicorn ever”. Miley and Ariana are an iconic duo, with some serious chemistry that always finds its way into their performances. Though only a friend-mance, their love makes their performance of ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ at One Love Manchester a romantic moment on stage to remember.

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