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A great event that exceeded expectations.

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The Student Union celebrated the Friday night of Fresher’s week with the highly anticipated foam party. With the event description only including the adjectives of “sell-out” and “foamy”, the arrangements of the evening were left up to the imagination. With DJ sets by Soul 45 and Adrian Murphy, there was something at this event for everyone, which included a substantial amount of foam.

Students were welcomed first into a colourful, yet empty, set DJ’d by Soul 45, which contrasted the more explosive atmosphere of downstairs, where the large queues of people began with rapid concession. The main dance floor was abuzz with anticipation, aided by Murphy bringing a high-energy fiasco with a set list of drum and bass, grime, and remixes of rave classics. The room hadn’t been changed too much for the event, except for the entrance of two large cannons at opposite sides of the stage. When the first of three foam surges hit at 11.30pm, there was a consequent wave of mixed emotions, with some being right in the middle of the action, and those below average height being gifted with the feeling of drowning. Those who put a bit of effort into their outfit were immediately filled with regret as the foam soaked everyone’s clothes, removed any makeup, and slicked back even the finest strands of hair. Unlike usual, the further towards the stage, the more hindered the experience as you would be underneath the cannons and out of their reaches. It was noted by the DJ that this year’s Fresher’s love a mosh pit, which was shown to be true as they were repeated constantly throughout the night. This is important due to the addition of foam, which made everyone slide off one another, making the dance circles bigger and more boisterous than usual. The music offered didn’t really change much but was perhaps the perfect partner to the excited and rowdy crowd that was attending the night.

This was truly a spectacular event and put the SU back on the map as a place to have an unmissable, low-cost night out, especially in comparison to some of the pricier options offered by Southampton’s clubs during this Fresher’s week. The foam party was almost exactly what was expected, though a touch more slippery and a lot more foamy.


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