“We’ll release, at least, one of the best albums of next year” – An Interview with Babeheaven


A supporting tour act for Loyle Carner, The Japanese House and Palace, four-piece band Babeheaven have gradually been building a high profile since releasing their breakout hit ‘Friday Sky’ in 2016. Although they haven’t released a full album yet, that doesn’t mean they have been quiet as their EP Circles and a host of singles in between – most recent was ‘Jalisco’ released in July – give enough evidence.

I sat down with singer Nancy Anderson and keyboardist Jamie Travis backstage at Camp Bestival after their early afternoon slot in the Big Top where we discussed their songwriting process, the significance of social media, and their plans to win the prestigious Mercury Prize next year.

So why the name ‘Babeheaven’?

Jamie: That’s a good question! It was more of a joke but it’s a fun name to have and we didn’t want a very tense one.

Nancy: It’s hard to think of a name for a band though.

Jamie: Yeah, and I think it reflects our good fun-natured humour as well – we don’t want to take ourselves too seriously.

And for people who don’t know your music, how do you describe what you play?

Jamie: Post-Rave we like to call it, but in the sense of when you get home after a big party, or basically been at a festival for two days.

Nancy: Yeah, feeling a bit fragile.

Jamie:  And you just want to have a cry or relax.

Listening to your set, I could hear a variety of genres within your music (Alternative, Soul, R&B). Does that reflect how you want to be very versatile with what you’re playing?

Nancy: Yeah, I think we make music that’s pleasing for both of us, and we’ve got quite separate music tastes so together we make something very interesting which is nice. And we’re not just making like solely indie-rock etc, cause that’s not the only thing that appeals to us which is quite good.

Your lyrics have been described as intimate stories that matches the music you’re playing. Is that a good description of your lyrical content?

Nancy: I think, lyrically, myself and Jamie both write the music together – primarily everything is written by us. Normally, Jamie would come up with a chord sequence and from what I feel listening to that, I would go from there. So I guess the music kind of negates, if that’s the right word?

Jamie: Influences!

Nancy: Yeah, influences how I write my lyrics. For example, if the music sounds emotional in some manner then I would write something to reflect that.

So how does performing at Camp Bestival, which is family-oriented, compare to other festivals you’ve played at like Latitude and Standon Calling, and does that change how your music is perceived?

Nancy: I don’t think so. Luckily, I think we make music that appeals to most ages, even younger years that were at our set today which was quite nice.

Jamie: I think it works well, but it’s hard to know. This is our first real family festival we’ve played at so it was a new experience for us all, however we thought it went down well with the crowd.

You guys are a young, upcoming band and The Edge’s readership are 18-21yr olds that would predominantly use social media platforms. With that in mind, what is the significance of social media for bands like yourselves to promote your music?

Nancy: Sadly it’s very important and I think it’s a very difficult thing to do. You have to make sure you’re staying on top of that kind of stuff, because it’s only the way that people can really discover you now [on social media]. I remember watching an interview with Jorja Smith a couple of years ago who was like, ‘I remember thousands of people following me on Instagram and when I released my album, none of them knew I made music’.

Oh really?

Nancy: Yeah, which is kind of the saddest thing ever.

Lastly what are your plans for the future and, as The Edge is based in Southampton, will you be performing in Southampton soon?

Jamie: Lots of touring still and we’ll release, at least, one of the best albums of next year.

Nancy: It will be Mercury Prize nominated.

Jamie: And we’ll headline Glastonbury along with playing Southampton four times next year!

Babeheaven, thanks very much for your time and good luck with the rest of the tour!

Nancy and Jamie: Thank you very much!

Babeheaven’s new single ‘Jalisco’ is out now independently, and you can purchase ticket for their tour dates here!


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