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Alongside the many undoubtedly perfect albums he has released over the years, Hampshire-local Frank Turner also happens to be a fantastic showman. With the upcoming release of No Man’s Land (out August 16th), I have had the opportunity to think back to a very memorable night in February earlier this year, where I was left speechless at the presence and showmanship of Frank himself.

Of course, after seven studio albums and many, many gigs, I expected a top performance. However, I left the arena feeling entirely transformed, and feeling a lot of emotions at once. This, I believe, was due to the sheer amount of energy he displayed on stage throughout the entire set, which perfectly corresponded to the lyrics within the songs. I particularly love the mini leg kicks he does, whilst somehow maintaining his perfect pitch and impressive guitar skills.

His energy throughout the set does not just remain on stage; he is an avid stage-diver, showcasing his true rock ‘n’ roll nature, and spreads his energy to the crowd who have the important job of keeping him afloat. Frank’s performance of ‘Four Simple Words’ is, and will continue to be, one of the most incredible, energising, and inspiring performances I have ever witnessed, and is definitely one to experience if you ever have the opportunity. Hearing the lyrics ‘I’d like to teach you four simple words, so that next time you come to a show / You could sing those words back at me like they’re the only ones that you know’ live, and hearing the crowd’s loud and enthusiastic response of ‘I want to dance’ gives me the shivers just thinking back to it.

A particular highlight of seeing Frank live is the audience participation. You will not see one person not moving, jumping or singing. Such a warm, united atmosphere is felt across the entire crowd, and being a part of 6000 people screaming and jumping along to ‘Recovery’ has been an extremely memorable moment for me since February. Frank has some of the most dedicated and loyal fan-base I have ever been involved in, and I know of some particular fans who travel overseas just to witness his energetic showmanship.

The energy projected from Frank, alongside the incredibly heart-warming audience participation within his shows, make listening to his music live an entirely different experience than listening at home. At a show, you feel encompassed in the love and loyalty of his fan-base, and the energy radiates from the stage to you.

This November/December Frank is touring the UK, and will showcase the tunes from his new album. It’ll be interesting to see how an Unplugged Frank Turner gig will fare, however I have no doubt it will be a show you do not want to miss.

No Man’s Land is out August 16th, and be sure to grab your tickets to see Frank perform this November/December here.


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