This Month in Local Live Acts: March


It’s a slower month this month so this TMILLA is short and sweet, but there are still some gems out there – special mentions go to The Wombats’ sold out Guildhall show and The Stranglers, both of whom my mum really loves. Also not local, but Sigrid is fantastic and on tour throughout this month, and definitely worth seeing in Brighton, or London, or anywhere, really. The best thing about the below artists is you could see all of them for £21.20, or an average of £5.30 per gig. That’s like, two thirds of an O2 gig. Happy gigging!

Who? Happy Accidents
Where? The Alexandra, Southampton
When? March 1st
Why? Their latest album Everything but the Here and Now came out the other week, and like everything else they do, it’s fantastic. They’re the loveliest people and make beautiful sounds – lead singer Rich Mandell has a curiously unique voice complemented fantastically by the gentler vocals of Phoebe Cross. ‘Text Me When You’re Home’ is my personal favourite right now, by the way. With support coming from Milk Crimes and tickets only £5.30, it’s definitely a show worth catching.

Who? Gaz Brookfield
Where? Winchester Gate, Salisbury
When? March 9th
Why? Gaz never stops gigging, and he’s back at the Winchester Gate for the second time in under a year for another lovely show. The Bristolian acoustic musician is hilarious, spends most of his time on tour, and has toured with The Levellers, Frank Turner, and Newton Faulkner. He constantly sells out venues, he’ll be everywhere this festival season (probably, if his festival history is anything to go by), and he’s definitely worth seeing. ‘It’s All So Rock and Roll’ is worth checking out, especially because it features a VERY good dog (and the song’s nice as well, I suppose). Extremely cheap tickets here!

Who? Submariner
Where? Heartbreakers, Southampton
When? March 30th
Why? I saw them at Heartbreakers last month on the Chalkpit Records tour, and they are outstanding. Their feel-good-indie-pop-rock sound always makes for an extremely good evening, and with excellent songs like my personal favourite (if not just for the title) ‘Han Shot First’ and new track ‘Toys’, they have super strong vocals as well as a generally lovely sound. When I saw them last, they made excellent use of a vocoder, especially during ‘Han Shot First’. Very good band, worth going to see. Tickets available here!

Who? Calum Lintott
Where? The Joiners, Southampton
When? March 31st
Why? He’s a very very good Southampton musician who’s built up quite the fanbase and local musician support network – Wild Front are fans of him, and they’re equally good, even if only half of them like hummus. His indie-pop sound is full of catchy hooks and gorgeous chords, and his vocals are just fantastic. Hopefully the gigging and music released throughout last year signify an upcoming EP to follow his debut The Way It Is EP, because it’s just been too long, Calum. Tickets here!


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