Film round-up: 10/11/2014 – 16/11/2014


The second week of November brings us our first Christmas release of the year, with Nativity 3: Dude Where’s My Donkey?!. If you’re not ready for festivity just yet, though, this week presents a multitude of crime thrillers with Tom Hardy in The Drop and Benedict Cumberbatch as a code cracker in The Imitation Game, as well as a surprising romance-based thriller in Third Person. Read the full details below.

Journey to le Mans is a dramatic real-life documentary about the world’s most dangerous motoring event. Narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart, the film covers the 24 hour endurance race that forces the British team to their ultimate limit.

Redirected is our gritty violent film of the week. It sees four close friends turn to robbery with a job planned in Malaysia. Their calculated plan falls through when their plane is redirected to Lithuania and they find themselves stranded in the heart of Eastern Europe. With brutal violence and some comical scenes along the way, the friends must find their way back to England.

« DIPLOMATIE » Un film de Volker SCHLÖNDORFFSet in the occupied Paris of 1944, Diplomacy is a historical drama that follows the relationship between the German military governor Dietrich von Choltitz, and the Swedish consul-general Raoul Nordling. Choltitz is overseeing Hitler’s plans to destroy the famous landmarks of Paris whilst he still has control over the city, with the film covering the struggle of Nordling as he fights to save the lives of the citizens.

Starring Tom Hardy, The Drop is our second robbery orientated film of the week. It narrates the backstreet dealings of money laundering in Brooklyn at a ‘drop bar’ that is used as the venue for exchange. An armed robbery of the drop bar catalyses the crime drama. Characters will find that there are some sins that you cannot come back from as they attempt to clean up the tangled mess left by the robbery.

The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley is the true story of legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing. In the darkest days of World War II a team of code-breakers are employed to decrypt the Nazi enigma code and lead Britain to victory from behind the scenes.

Life Itself, documents the life of world-renowned film critic and social commentator Roger Ebert. Director Steve James recounts the life of Ebert’s from the most prestigious accomplishments of his career, seeing him becoming one of America’s most influential cultural voices, right to his last days in his inspiring battle with cancer.

NAT3 LD01 0371 copy 2They’re Back! Join St Bernadette’s school and the hilarious Mr Poppy for some early Christmas cheer in Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s my Donkey?! Starring Martin Clunes and Catherine Tate in the pupils’ latest adventure which sees new teacher Mr Shepard lose his memory to the hoof of a donkey and the most fantastic Primary School flashmobs to be witnessed this Christmas.

From Paul Haggis, Oscar-winning screenwriter and director of Crash, Third Person exposes three interlocking love stories which in turn reveal tragedy, compassion and betrayal in an intimately emotional cinematic experience. Featuring award winning actors such as Liam Neeson, James Franco and Mila Kunis, this heart-wrenching title is not to be missed.

We Are The Giant is a documentary from Greg Baker capturing the inspirational stories of six extraordinary individuals, delivering its audience an intimate view of their often tragic lives and emotional struggles for justice and freedom against seemingly impossible odds.


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