BluChristmas #2: Insomnia (2002)


The world of Hollywood film distribution is a funny thing, and although the larger part of Christopher Nolan’s work is released by Warner Bros on both sides of the Atlantic, Insomnia is different. In the US it’s handled by Warners, but in the UK by Walt Disney Studios. Sadly, Disney have never released the film on Blu-ray in the UK. Luckily for us, Warner Bros have in the US and have given it a nice Region Free disc, so our machines will play it perfectly!

This movie is that rare thing: an English-language remake of a foreign language movie that is equal too – maybe even better than – the original. It’s genius lies in two mesmerizing performances from Al Pacino and Robin Williams. It’s a tense crime thriller set in Alaska, beautifully photographed by Nolan’s long-term collaborator Wally Pfister. And it needs to be seen in high definition.

Insomnia (2002), directed by Christopher Nolan, is released on Blu-ray in the US by Warner Home Video. The BBFC Certificate in the UK is 15.


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