100 Discs of Christmas #96 – Lifeboat (1944)


Masters of Cinema have given us some of the best blu-ray releases of the year (their edition of Touch of Evil was a 100 Discs of Christmas choice recently), and the treatment they have given to Alfred Hitchcock’s Lifeboat is stunning.

The film is a fascinating Second World War drama. It is entirely set on a lifeboat (hence the title), with the characters survivors of a torpedoed liner. The suspense comes from the characters suspecting a rescued Nazi of leading them on the wrong course as they try to sail their boat to land, and Hitchcock skillfully keeps us one step ahead of the characters.

Those into attractive packaging will snap up the steelbook edition (it really is gorgeous), but whatever case it comes in, this is a superb release pact with interesting extras (both in the beautifully printed booklet that comes with it and on the discs themselves).

Lifeboat (1944), directed by Alfred Hitchcock, is released on Blu-ray and DVD by Eureka Entertainment, Certificate PG. 



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