Blu-ray & DVD review: The Colditz Story (1955) ★★★☆☆


The Colditz Story was never a particularly great film, but this new release makes it worth a watch thanks to a strong new high definition transfer courtesy of distributors StudioCanal. Old black and white films have the potential to look extraordinary in HD, and this new blu-ray edition doesn’t disappoint on this level.

The movie, based on Major Pat Reid’s memoirs, looks at how a group of PoWs escaped Colditz prison.

There is some good acting from the leads, especially John Mills as Reid. In terms of story, the film is rather weak, and the plotting struggles to hold a consistent tone. There is also an undercurrent of racism and xenophobia that, while clearly a product of the time, may be a little too ugly for contemporary audiences.

The Colditz Story (1955), directed by Guy Hamilton, is released on blu-ray by StudioCanal from 10 December, Certificate U. 


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