100 Discs of Christmas #76 – Public Enemies (2009)


Depp is as enigmatic as ever as the infamous thief John Dillinger, who with his group of fellow criminals targets big city banks and walks out with all the cash.

The surprise of the film however turns out to be Christian Bale as the officer hunting him. Michael Man’s direction is terrific, and the many parts of the film will revisit you days after viewing. There are some minor issues with the running time, and the script needs to work out what moment is the climax, but overall Public Enemies is a fine, well-made serious thriller that also gives a deserved major role to French Oscar-winner Marion Cottliard – the only actor onscreen who comes near to stealing Depp’s thunder.

Public Enemies (2009), directed by Michael Mann, is released on blu-ray and DVD in the UK by Universal Pictures, Certificate 15. 


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