100 Discs of Christmas #71 – Animal House (1978)


Rambunctious yet lovable Delta House fraternity fight for their college survival against fun-sponge Dean Wormer and his preppy minions here in John Landis’s hysterical frat-comedy.

Being one of the films to help launch the gross-out genre, the humour is of the immature sort that you’d expect. Yes, girls are ‘perved’ on, beer bottles are constantly smashed over people’s heads, a horse has a heart attack and John Belushi delivers a very astute impression of a zit.

Don’t be mistaken though for the film, much like its moronic, buffoonish heroes, cleverly conceals a brain. Social tensions from the 60s are playfully exploited whilst sharp one-liners are present throughout. It is also testament to the script and Landis’s direction given how well all the gags still hold up today.

Most importantly, Animal House is gut-wrenchingly funny and tremendous fun, and provides firm evidence of why it is often labelled as one of the most influential comedies of all time.

Animal House (1978), directed by John Landis, is released on Blu-ray disc and DVD in the UK by Universal Pictures UK, Certificate 15.


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