100 Discs of Christmas #67 – Triangle (2009)


Creep writer/director Christopher Smith gets to exercise his talent for the bizarre and disturbing on a bigger scale with this smart, twisting tale of maternal guilt, deserted ships and hooded shooters. Echoing similar thrillers such as MementoGroundhog Day and even Donkey Punch, this sees troubled single-mum Jess joining a group of posh yachters who are capsized in a storm. When they are rescued by a seemingly deserted ocean liner, Jess starts to get a sense of déjà vu as she wonders round the empty corridors.

What follows plays out like some kind of surreal living nightmare, with a hooded figure gunning down members of the stranded group. When the script starts playing tricks with the time – events repeat themselves, reinforcing the déjà vu aspect – it does occasionally feel a little uneven, but keeps the tension sky high. 

Triangle (2009), directed by Christopher Smith, is released in the UK by Icon Entertainment, Certificate 15. 


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