100 Discs of Christmas #53 – Up in the Air (2009)


This superb comedy drama from Juno director Jason Reitman lets George Clooney fall back into his usual role…..the role of George Clooney. Intelligently spoken, quick in a conversation and never boring. But even though he does nothing here we haven’t seen him do before, he happens to be in a movie that’s equal to him in terms of quality. Clooney rarely stars in a film that deserves such a talented actor (I mean, three Oceans films? Why?) but this cool, slick and mature piece of work reminds us just how great it can be when a movie and its leading man just click into place.

I can’t say I regard Up In the Air as a film worthy of a Best Picture Oscar (it didn’t win), but, with its plot centred around firing people from jobs, it is more than a little topical and  very entertaining.

Up in the Air (2009), directed by Jason Reitman, is released on blu-ray disc and DVD in the UK by Paramount Pictures, Certificate 15. 


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