Blu-ray & DVD Review: Trespass ★★☆☆☆


Joel Schumacher, known for his destruction of the Batman film franchise prior to Nolan’s adaption, returns with what can only be described as a below-average popcorn flick.It follows a clichéd rich family (Nicole Kidman, Nicholas Cage and Liana Liberato) as they are trapped and taken hostage within their own private domain after a group of dim-witted, cartoon bad guys ‘trespass’ and break into their home, pursuing the apparent riches held within their safe.

An over-acted and predictable Hollywood psychological thriller, the film lacks any solid signs of intensity or suspense, ending up with a poorly executed Panic Room parody. The house invaders, which include a crack smoking stripper and a ringleader with supressed oedipal issues, come across as unrealistic and lack any sense of menace or real threat.

Even with two star leads, the film lacks any real drive or character progression, instead the two dimensional characters struggle to evoke any level of sympathy or relation often leaving you indifferent to their situation. Only making it onto the silver screen for a mere 18 days, Trespass might successfully find its home as a one-off DVD rental . It’s an extremely forgettable film, and awkward in parts, with attempts at twists that come across as predictable and improbable, often leaving the story confused as to which direction it wants to go.

Trespass (2011), directed by Joel Schumacher, is distributed on Blu-ray and DVD by Lionsgate, Certificate 15.



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