Union Films: What’s Coming Up This Week (07/10/13)


Welcome to all our new readers – whether you’re freshers or not! Here at Union Films we bring you at least 4 amazing films a week, all at the reasonable price of £3 (or £4 for 3D). This week, we’re back with a bang – Tuesday we’re showing magical mystery, Now You See Me. Wednesday is epic Icelandic thriller, The Deep; with Saturday bringing you our first 3D film of the season with Man of Steel. Sunday sees us show Before Midnight and Man of Steel again in 2D.



Tuesday 8th October at 7pm: Now You See Me:

With a massive cast of stars, Now You See Me will keep you guessing until the end, with an inevitable few twists along the way. When four street magicians are brought together by an unknown power called ‘The Eye’ their lives are turned upside down as they take part in something bigger than they could ever have imagined – pulling off bank heists and much, much more – which gets the FBI involved. See whether Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo and Isla Fisher (amongst others) can pull it all off on the night!

Wednesday 9th October at 7.30pm: The Deep:

The Deep is based on a true story; a shocking incident that took place in the Icelandic seas in 1984 leaves only one survivor who is subsequently hailed as national hero and phenomenal seaman. But the survivor is constantly wrestling with guilt over being the only man left alive and astonishment from others that he had the strength to survive such harsh conditions. Will he ever lead a normal life again?


Saturday 12th October at 7pm (3D); and Sunday 13th October at 8pm (2D): Man of Steel:

Man of Steel is our first 3D showing of the year and who else but Superman could we have chosen for this prestigious honour?! It stars Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, a young journalist who finds himself having to save humankind after Earth is attacked. It was one of the biggest films of the summer and it’s bound to have you excited, especially since it was made by the team behind The Dark Knight trilogy. Remember, the cost for a 3D film is £4 (still a massive bargain!) but if you don’t want to pay that little bit extra for a big cinematic difference, we’re showing it again the following day in 2D for our regular price of £3.

Sunday 13th October at 5pm: Before Midnight:

Before Midnight is the sequel to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, completing the story nine years on from where we left Jesse and Celine, this time, in Greece. Following this beloved couple on their travels with their (larger than before) family, a touching love story plays out in front of us, just like it did the first time around. This film is a wonderful standalone piece, but if you’ve seen the previous films then you definitely have no reason not to come down on Sunday.

Remember to look out for our Audience Choice winner next week. But most importantly, catch one of these brilliant films this week as well!


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