Preview: Union Films – Lord of the Rings (09/03/13)


It’s the last movie marathon of this term and we’re showing you a fan-favourite, The Lord of the Rings. With the extended editions showing from 7pm Saturday, make sure you’re ready for a full night of Middle Earth extravagance!

Just as usual, with the ticket you get an exclusive t-shirt from the event (this time, there’s a choice of three different ones) as well as hot food available from the SUSU Café. Intervals half way between each film to allow for a rejuvenation of energy before coming back for the end of the epic films. With tickets at £10 (or £8 for passholders) you haven’t got an excuse to not come down. Although it’s now sold out, our VIP ticketholders are in for even more of a treat, with their own refreshments and staff, enhanced seating as well as a free glass of champagne upon arrival.

Each film winning numerous Academy Awards, breaking box office records and being massively critically-successful, here’s a breakdown of what you’ll be enjoying come Saturday night:


The Fellowship of the Ring

The first of the books from J.R.R. Tolkien, this one sets the scene of Middle Earth and tells the story of the Dark Lord Sauron who is in pursuit of a ring that happens to be in the possession of hobbit, Frodo Baggins. Realising it’s powers, Frodo and his eight companions (forming the Fellowship of the Ring) begin their journey to Mount Doom to destroy it.


The Two Towers

The Fellowship have become divided and so three separate storylines play out here. Frodo and friend Sam continue their journey to try to destroy the ring and are joined by Gollum, the ring’s former owner. Merry and Pippin escape capture and plot with some new faces, an attack on Isengard. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli head to the war-torn Rohan to be reunited with Gandalf before fighting at the Battle of Helm’s Deep.


The Return of the King

Sauron continues his pursuit of the ring when Gandalf and the King of Rohan rally the troops to help defend Gondor’s capital from the looming threat. Aragorn claims the throne here in Gondor and summons the army of the Dead to help defeat Sauron. Despite all this, the hobbits Frodo and Sam are the two that will decide the fate of this war, carrying the ring with them and finally arriving at the volcanic fires of Mount Doom to destroy it in the place it was created.

All directed by Peter Jackson, and considered to be one of the biggest and most ambitious film projects ever undertaken (with a budget of $281 million and 8 years of filming for three films) this is set to be a pretty awesome all-nighter – potentially rounded off with a screening of The Hobbit Sunday at 5pm or 9pm if you fancy popping down twice in 24 hours. Get your tickets from the box office (either online or in the SUSU building) now to ensure yourself a place as this is set to be VERY busy.


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