Union Films: What’s Coming Up This Week (11/02/2013)


At Union Films this week it’s all about fast paced drama! From the harrowing experiences of a WWII veteran in The Master, to the struggles of an elderly lady who finds solace in poetry in this week’s Phoenix film Poetry, through to Saturday’s epic film battle marathon Pixar vs. Dreamworks, it’s a fast paced week! To round it all up on Sunday we’ve got two massively contrasting films, at 5pm The Oranges, a suburban rom-com with a twist, and at 8pm the critically acclaimed high octane thriller Argo.

Tuesday 12th February: 7pm: The Master: The Master

This film follows a World War II veteran, Freddie Quell, as he attempts to readjust to a civilian lifestyle and fights episodes of post traumatic stress disorder. Freddie comes across a leader of a philosophical movement known as “The Cause” and joins them as they travel along the East Coast spreading their message. But Freddie’s violent and erratic behaviour is not quelled by his new found cause and other members begin to worry about their safety around him. An interesting insight into the lengths we can go to when trying to understand the inner workings of our own minds and a thrilling drama, The Master is a must watch and critically acclaimed film.

Wednesday 13th February: 7:30pm: Poetry:

Poetry is a 2010 South Korean film directed by Chang-dong Lee which sees a sixty-something woman, Yang Mija, faced with the discovery of a heinous family crime and in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, finds strength and purpose when she enrols in a poetry class. Despite the pain and suffering that Yang faces in her own life and that she sees in the lives of those around her she resolves to focus on the beautiful and natural aspects of life, as encouraged by her poetry class. Both charming and moving this film deals with difficult topics in a surprisingly peaceful manner.

Saturday 16th February: 6pm: Pixar vs. Dreamworks:

It’s the first all-nighter of Semester 2 and this one is an absolute corker! Ever fancied working out which side of the line you stand on? Pixar vs. Dreamworks will prove once and for all which side has the best films. Yes they might all be originally aimed at children, but who doesn’t love a good kid’s film? Featuring 6 film battles over two screens this is a must attend event! Here’s the basic breakdown of films:

Toy Story vs. Shrek, Bug’s Life vs. Antz, The Incredibles vs. Megamind, Finding Nemo vs. Kung Fu Panda, Ratatouille vs. Madagascar, and last but not least, Wall-E vs. How to Train Your Dragon.

Tickets are £12 (that’s a mere £2 per film!) or £10 with a season or year pass. For more information on the film line-up look out for the upcoming article!


Sunday 17th February: 5pm: The Oranges:

Two families, the Walling and Ostroff families, have an enduring friendship, based on the closeness of the two fathers, or do they? This friendship is severely tested when Nina, the Orstroff prodigal daughter, returns home for the holidays after a 5 year absence and enters into an affair with the head of the Walling family. The Oranges is a suburban rom-com featuring Hugh Laurie (an older man crush for many a girl out there) and Leighton Meester with hilarious twists and turns, a perfect film for a Sunday evening.

Sunday 17th February: 8pm: Argo:

ArgoArgo is the dramatisation of a real 1980 joint CIA and Canadian secret operation to extract six fugitive American diplomatic personnel out of revolutionary Iran. With very few options ex-filtration Officer Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) develops a risky plan; to create a phony Canadian film project shooting in Iran and smuggle the fugitives out as their production crew. With very little time left and the Iranian security forces closing in on them, the plan is carried out despite doubts from the fugitives and from officials at the White House. A high octane thriller with a great cast of familiar faces, Argo was nominated for countless awards (and won several); Union Films are giving you a last chance to check out what all the fuss was about. For an in depth review of Argo click here!

So there you have it, the breakdown of this week’s line up! There’s simply got to be a film there you haven’t had the chance to see yet, or fancy checking out again, so head over to the Union Film website and grab a ticket, or better still buy a Spring Season pass and get to watch all this season’s films for only £12!


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