Preview: The Dark Knight Trilogy Marathon (17/11/12)


This Saturday sees another of Union Films’ acclaimed marathon movie nights. With the annual Halloween All-Nighter and the super hero extravaganza Marvel: Phase One both massively popular this year, it only makes sense that they go ahead and continue this success by screening one of the most acclaimed trilogies in recent years – Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Pulling in billions of dollars at the box office, the most recent franchise has made Nolan the go to Hollywood filmmaker and has also altered the expectations of the superhero genre. Previously, Batman on the silver screen – including those blasted bat nipples and that bat credit card – had become a massive joke. What Nolan managed to succeed in was take influence from the DC comics and meld it with his own style of filmmaking, in the process creating three gritty, intelligent movies, which have now become a vital part of modern cinema history.

If you have yet to experience The Dark Knight Trilogy on the big screen (or at all for that matter) now is the perfect opportunity. So, bring your Bat Cowls and cans of Red Bull, it’s time to visit Christopher Nolan’s Gotham once again.

You can catch Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises from 5pm on Saturday. Tickets are £6 or £5 for passholders.


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