BluChristmas #10: Lifeboat (1944)


This Alfred Hitchcock movie is a fascinating Second World War drama. It is entirely set on a lifeboat (hence the title), with the characters survivors of a torpedoed liner. The suspense comes from the characters suspecting a rescued Nazi of leading them on the wrong course as they try to sail their boat to land, and Hitchcock skillfully keeps us one step ahead of the characters.

This is a Masters of Cinema release by Eureka Entertainment, so you are of course in for an absolute treat. MoC always do magnificent work with their releases, and they present Lifeboat in glorious 1080p high definition. It’s the best it’s ever looked on the home entertainment market. Of course, it’s a very old film taken from a source that’s had to stand the test of time, so don’t expect image quality similar to something new and digitally shot such as Avatar or The Social Network. But in it’s own way, one could argue the HD image one gets from old film sources looks even more beautiful than the grain-free images of today.

Lifeboat (1944), directed by Alfred Hitchcock, is released on Blu-ray and DVD by Eureka Entertainment, Certificate PG. 




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