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Nowhere to Go may not be considered as the best Ealing effort, but it’s a pretty good one. It’s directed by Seth Holt, who went on to direct Hammer horrors The Nanny and Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb, and is a pretty fine noir thriller considering Ealing is a studio famous for its comedies.

Based on a novel by Donald MacKenzie, the film follows a young man (George Nadar) as he escapes from prison and attempts to recover some money he stashed away before he was sent down.

MacKenzie is a watchable lead, but the real highlight is the wonderful Maggie Smith in one of her first film appearances as a young woman who provides refuge for our enigmatic criminal.

This new, digitally remastered edition from StudioCanal adds in missing scenes, once thought lost, and reproduces the deep noir blacks of the film rather beautifully. It’s a shame a blu-ray edition hasn’t been made available; restorations this good deserve high definition.



Nowhere to Go (1958), directed by Seth Holt, is released on 14 January on DVD by StudioCanal, Certificate PG. 


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