Don’t Bother Keeping up with the Kardashians


Every member of the Kardashian family is an international icon, unfortunately. Many young girls view the females as role models and believe they set the beauty standards of today, and plenty (far too many) people follow the notorious family’s antics; but what if they’re doing the world more harm than good?

For this article I have taken a list of things about or done by the various Kardashian family members that their fans seem to love, and countered them:

1. Kim Kardashian: ‘Her naked selfie was SO inspiring’

Ah yes, the famous Instagram Kim K selfie. To preserve a little modesty, she (or rather the poor, well actually very rich, man she keeps on a retainer of $100K a year to edit her photos, at any time of day or night, before she uploads them to social media) blurred out the extra private parts she didn’t want everyone to see. It wasn’t a feminist move, it was just self-publicity. People say that the Kardashians women, with their curves, have changed beauty standards and quashed the idea that women need to be stick thin to be beautiful. But they haven’t really helped have they? Now to be lesirable, women all over the globe think their body should be Kardashian-esque, with an (overly) plump posterior, a bulging bosom and a waistline only achievable by obsessive dieting and corset wearing.

Photo - inquisitir

One of her many selfies. Photo – inquisitir

Also, for younger girls surely Kim’s naked selfie serves to undo all of the sex-education in school? This education explicitly warns against the ramifications of sending or uploading online sexually explicit pictures of oneself. It might be okay for famous people to do such a thing, but when you’re a normal person and that your boss, colleagues, potential employer or even strangers see THAT photo, things might not go so well for you.

2. Kylie Jenner: ‘She’s such a good role-model’

Photo - eonline

Kylie and Tyga. Photo – eonline


Role model? Right, shall we all go and encourage underage girls to get lip fillers and lie about it? Miss Jenner repeatedly lied about the plastic surgery procedures she was rumoured to have undergone, refuting the claims and insisting it was all down to her make-up skills (her own brand lip-kit of course, plug here, plug there…). Also, going out with an older man, when you’re just 17, who is renowned for his womanising ways, apparently has an illustrious, drug-filled history, and has a young child, isn’t really something to advocate to young girls world-wide. Her explosive on-off relationship with rapper Tyga is always in the headlines and often for the wrong reasons. So, it’s safe to say she’s not exactly role-model material.

3. Khloé Kardashian: ‘Khloe is so fierce’

She might be fierce, but so is a lion, and we all know what happens to their prey…Yes that’s right, some of the things that the so-called ‘fierce’ Khloé comes out with are actually considered to be bullying. Recently, following sister Kim’s feud with Taylor Swift, Khloé hit out at other celebrities calling for the whole thing to be forgotten. One of those was successful 19 year-old actress, Chloe Grace Moretz. See Khloé’s vicious and cruel twitter reaction here:


She was also quoted as saying, regarding her now late father’s new wife, that she ‘just want[s]to s**t on her face!” You’re more than welcome to resent your stepmother, but please, have some klass.

4. Kourtney Kardashian: Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Made Us Believe In Love’

Photo - people.

Photo – people.

For those who felt that their relationship made them believe in love, they must have been bitterly disappointed when Disick and the eldest Kardashian separated. Perhaps their relationship made fans believe in love because it shows forgiveness. But forgiving Disick, although the father of her three children, for his repeated failed attempts at sobriety, serial womanising and constant disrespectful behaviour is a bit much. He’s not a good guy and her actions may have encouraged and may still advocate that women stay with a partner that is no longer good for them. So if they made you believe in love, what an awful idea of love you must have.

Photo- cosmopolitan

Kendall Jenner. Photo Credit- cosmopolitan.


5. Kendall Jenner: ‘She’s the only normal Kardashian’

That’s not really saying much, is it?

6. Rob Kardashian

The entire Rob-Chyna-Kim-Kylie-Tyga love/hate pentagon is just awful. These sagas are exactly what makes a person feel that their brain cells are rapidly depleting in number. If you have all that money and still can’t run a successful business (although creating a company that sells extortionately priced socks wasn’t exactly new) or hire someone else to make the business successful for you, then there’s not really much that you can do.

Robert Kardashian. Photo - dailymail

Robert Kardashian proudly showing off his fantastic socks – which he didn’t design himself. Photo – dailymail

7. Kris Jenner: ‘It’s really nice to see a female boss’

She may be the boss, but she’s actually quite horrible. It’s clear that Khloé inherited her vicious attitude from her mother, who once referred to her own daughter as being ‘too fat’.

She’ll do anything for a headline. Kim’s sex-tape? It’s rumoured it was Kris’ idea and that she made her shoot it again because the angles the first time round were unflattering. Encouraging your children to do these things isn’t a motherly thing to do. This seemed to be confirmed as the then 17 year-old Kylie Jenner said that ‘Khloe is more of a mum to me than my mum is sometimes.’ She’s a money-making machine, but probably not who you want to be your mum.

Photo - twitter

Photo – twitter

So really, don’t bother keeping up with this family’s affairs, it’s simply not worth it.


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