THE LIST 2015: Rae Sremmurd


2014 has been a confusing year for Hip Hop. Looking back, we were introduced to Young Thug’s distinct take on the English language, DJ Mustards blend of deep bass with minimal catchy melodies and a style of rap/singing used to great success by Drake, Kid Ink and Chris Brown. Nothing then personifies 2014 Hip Hop more than Ear Drummer’s Rae Sremmurd.

The two brothers are putting out the most exciting sounds. Make no mistake, these aren’t the best rappers you’ll hear, nor are they blessed with angelic voices; but what they do have is unrivalled energy. ‘No Flex Zone’ and ‘No Type’ are minimal beats, but you ride the wave of Rae Sremmurd’s nutty vocal. ‘Throw Sum Mo’ demonstrates how they can switch between a ‘turn-up’ track and a sultry ‘strip club sound’.

These mercurial tendencies are being nurtured by Mike Will Made It into the pop crossover sound that Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry have proved can work on the Billboard chart. With an album dropping in January, expect performances in the UK, although some form of armour wouldn’t be a bad shout judging from the antics at past gigs. The powers behind the duo are determined to keep them in the public eye and their eccentric personalities make it even more likely that you’ll be hearing a lot from and about these guys throughout 2015.


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