‘I think it has been quite a successful year, and we have much more in stock for 2015’: an interview with Taylor Jones


I had the tremendous pleasure of catching up with one of Britain’s rising popstars, Taylor Jones.  Taylor has toured all across Europe this year and now has the chance to sit back and unwind before an undoubtedly huge 2015.

How would you like to sum up 2014 for you?

What a year! I toured with the Disney Channel, released my debut pop single Emergency, wrote and produced for many artists and had support from many media platforms, TV, radio, tabloids and magazines! I think it has been quite a successful year, and we have much more in stock for 2015.

Moving into next year, what do you aim to accomplish over the next 12 months?

I would like to really break the UK market and show my home country just what I can do! I am a young guy really pushing to make my dreams come true and I’ve had lots of success abroad. My goal now is to make that happen in the place where I most want my music to be heard and appreciated.

Now, you have interviewed some of the biggest stars in the world, most notably Will and Jaden Smith, as well as Selena Gomez.  First of all, do you ever get star struck by your interviewees and secondly, what would your top tip(s) be to any budding interviewer

Taylor has interviewed such stars as Will and Jaden Smith

Taylor has interviewed such stars as Will and Jaden Smith

Indeed, I have had the honour of TV presenting and some of my guests have been very high profile stars! I don’t really get star struck, because as an artist myself I understand what it’s like and I recognize that everyone, even the biggest stars in the world are just ordinary people like you and me. I also meet lots of celebrities and so it’s just nice to meet someone so successful yet so humble.

The biggest tip I can give is to always be you. Smile and laugh, that is what makes others do the same; after all, it’s the entertainment industry and people just want to be entertained by a good character.

You write all of your own music and lyrics, where do you get your inspiration from?

I harvest inspiration from real life scenarios, passion and my personal feelings. I love to write when I am upset, happy, angry, excited, you name it. When I am in an emotional mood that is when I write best and am able to express myself through melody and lyrics.

When you write a track, which comes first, the lyrics or the music? How do you piece the two together?

It depends how I am writing. Sometimes I pick up the guitar and play some chords and just sing from the top of my head. Other times I am writing to a ready made backing track (this is called topline writing) and then I need to write the vocal melody and lyrics – in this case I play the instrumental track on repeat and sing a melody, alongside it’s accompanied lyrics which are from the top of my head. If I like what I hear, I use it and work on it, edit, arrange and change until it’s perfect.

How would you describe your sound to anyone who has perhaps not listened to you before?

I would go for an urban pop singer. My new single, after Emergency is going to be a blend between Owl City and Taylor Swift – I think that is a nice area to place my music.

Who have been your biggest inspirations, both personally and professionally? Why?

My inspiration personally has been my own desire for better. I wish to treat my family and friends to a life where there are no financial worries and no stress; so we’re able to just enjoy life. I also want to inspire young people to chase their dreams and when I get where I want to be I will start an academy to help young artists launch their careers too. When you have a goal so big, it’s hard not to be inspired everyday.

Professionally/musically, I think Owl City has been a big inspiration to my music and sound. I love the electronic elements in his music and how it’s all self written and recorded with passion and individuality.

Do you have any updates regarding the progress of your album, Taylor Made?

My album is currently on hold to focus on new singles! I will be releasing new singles before an album and that gives me plenty of time to tease you even more about it’s content.

You have toured all across Europe.  Where has been your favourite place to visit in terms of getting out and about and doing all the touristy things? Why?

Sportpaleis in Antwerp, Belgium is the best venue TJ has performed in

Sportpaleis in Antwerp, Belgium is the best venue TJ has performed in

I really like Amsterdam. I went there a few times for songwriting trips and the scenery and atmosphere is really one of a kind. It’s such a beautiful city. My favourite place of all time though, especially for tourist attractions still has to be London. You can’t beat a visit to Winter Wonderland at Christmas.


Where has been your favourite place to perform? Why?

That would be Sportpaleis, the biggest arena in Belgium. It was the most nerve racking, yet most thrilling experience to play to 42K people in one weekend.

What advice would you give to any aspiring artists who dream of turning professional one day?

Pick one very famous idol of yours, and make it your goal to be better than them. When you compare yourself with the best, you set extremely high standards for yourself and that speeds up your self-development enormously. Never quit and don’t take negative critism to heart. There is always somebody with a different opinion – that’s all it’ll ever be though, an opinion. If you believe you can make it then you sure can.

When you get a chance to take time away from music, what do you like to do most to rewind?

I love to go to the movies and just chill with my friends and family. Taking a vacation to a sunny destination is also one of my top things to do.

You have mentioned in previous interviews that you’re a big football fan, who do you support? Do you get to see them play at all?

I am a Chelsea FC fan and have seen them many times. I know quite a lot of the players personally and also travel back to see the big games. It’s been a while though, I must admit!

Taylor supports Chelsea FC and watches them when he can

Taylor supports Chelsea FC and watches them when he can

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Well I hate to predict the future, but I would love to be doing a European arena tour between this and 5 years with at least 2 number ones under my belt! Dream big right? With your help anything is possible.

What message would you like to send to your fans who are reading this now?

Without you, there would be no TJ! Thank you for all of your ongoing support and let’s take this to the top, together!

Taylor’s most recent single ‘Emergency’ is available now via his own label, Taylor Made.


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