Procrastination: the best TV shows to fill your revision breaks


Exams are around the corner and it’s a time where students are beginning to utterly freak out and philosophically question the the concept of ‘time’ and just how quick it’s going. Either that or we feel strangely calm, collected, organised and ready until we then question our calmness and become the former; it’s a vicious cycle. So with exams approaching, how best is it to revise? It’s proven that revision breaks will improve memory and increase productivity and so what better way to fill them than with an episode from the best TV shows around? Below are the top five TV picks that are currently showing or are available on Netflix to rescue you after a hefty revision session or to reward you for a productive day.

Game of Thrones

Possibly one of the most talked about TV programmes ever, Game of Thrones is the perfect show to release yourself from the mundane life of a revising student to the fantastical world that literary genius George R. R. Martin has created. Based on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, the TV series tells the story of seven families that fight the battle for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. Not recommended for a quick revision break – Game of Thrones is cliffhanger and shocking deaths galore – it’s ideal as an end-of-day reward, whether that be for the gripping plot lines or to just admire the aesthetically flawless Daenerys Targaryen, portrayed by Emilia Clarke.

House of Cards

Do I need to say anything more than ‘Kevin Spacey’ (a.k.a. the Zeus of acting?) This Netflix original political drama series tells the story of Frank Underwood (Spacey), who gets passed over for appointment of Secretary of State, and so seeks revenge on all those that have betrayed him. He does this with the help of his equally conniving wife, portrayed by Robin Wright (Jenny from Forrest Gump!). This power couple are tantalising, enigmatic, slightly evil but incredibly endearing all at once. Like Game of Thrones, House of Cards is addictive, through both its plot and impeccable acting.

American Horror Story

The first two seasons of this American horror series are available to watch on Netflix, and they’re definitely worth the revision break. It is described as an ‘anthology series’ where each season is seen as a mini-series with a new location and characters. The first season is entitled Murder House and involves a family moving into a new home, haunted by the deceased. The following two seasons are named Asylum and Coven, respectively. If anything, the TV show will make you thankful for the situation that you are in as opposed to the murderous ones that the characters onscreen find themselves in. Drowning in revision cards with highlighter as face paint sounds better than being haunted by the creepy Tate. Trust me.

Orange is the New Black

Based in a women’s prison, Orange is the New Black is another Netflix original series. With the trailer for the second season recently released, it’s a perfect time to get into this drama-comedy. The American show stars Taylor Schilling (slash Katy Perry, slash Emily Blunt) as a woman who is charged for 14 months in prison for a drug crime she committed back in her youthful, rebellious stage. Thrown into a varietal prison which consists of the female equivalent of a Quality Street tin, chaos endures. Perfect for the quick revision break.

Made in Chelsea

For light entertainment, Made in Chelsea is pretty much ideal to escape the seriousness of exams and to indulge yourself within intangible posh antics and drama. Whether that be the heir of McVitie’s dating the majority of the Chelsea population, or others moaning about the existence of the sleeping bag. Not neccessarily to be seen as a competitor to the above TV shows, Made in Chelsea is easy to catch up on and good for a quick five minute revision break.



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