The Edge’s Top Albums of 2013: #1


Arctic Monkeys – AM

Released 6th September 2013, Domino Records

Arctic Monkeys fifth studio album broke records. When it stormed to number one in the UK album charts they became the first band on an independent-label to have their first 5 albums debut at number one. It was nominated for the Mercury Prize, reached the top 10 all over the world and has been certified Platinum in the UK. It’s fair to say it’s been a huge success, and so it comes as no surprise that AM has topped The Edge’s Top 10 Album’s of 2013 list.


  • The only record on the list to be included in over half of people’s picks, being included in 55% of all lists.
  • Of those, it was ranked within 31% of contributors top 3
  • 2 contributors ranked this album #1

I had high expectations for this album when it was first announced, and these only grew in the build up to its release; but boy has this record hit the right spot. Adding yet another reason as to why the Arctic Monkeys are still one of the best bands in Britain, this album shone through with its courageous venture into unknown territories. With perfect tracks like ‘Arabella’ and unusual ones like ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’, this album was just a joy.
– Alex Meehan, Edge writer, ranked the album #2

Rightfully given a high place in round-ups of the year, the Monkeys have crafted an album that’s ambitious yet consistent from start to finish. A classic of our time.
– Alex Rogers, Edge reader, ranked the album #5

Filled with sultry guitar riffs, pounding drumbeats and Turner’s trademark witticisms, AM is a distinctly more mature offering from the boys. It is safe to say that I have had this album on repeat since its release and it will remain that way for some time.
– Grace Pattle, Live Editor, ranked the album #1

Huge return to the top of the rock game for Arctic Monkeys. A strong album all the way through, balancing rich balladry, epic riffs and genius lyrics.
– Jamie Wall, Edge writer, ranked the album #1

Other Accolades:

  • Ranked #1 in Q’s ’50 Best Albums of 2013′ list
  • Ranked #1 in NME’s ’50 Best Albums of 2013′ list
  • Ranked #3 in The Fly’s ‘Best Albums of 2013’ list
  • Ranked #4 MOJO’s ‘Top 50 Albums of 2013’ list
  • Ranked #9 in Rolling Stone’s ’50 Best Albums of 2013’ list
  • Ranked #11 in Clash’s ‘Top Albums of 2013’ list
  • Ranked #19 in The Guardian’s ‘Best albums of 2013’ list


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