The Edge’s Top Albums of 2013: #5


James Blake – Overgrown

Released 5th April 2013, ATLAS Records

Grammy nominated James Blake has had a pretty good year. His second album, Overgrown, received universal aclaim, and in October won the Barclays Mercury Prize for the best album of the year. Not a bad 2013 for Mr Blake at all.


  • Included in 24% of people’s lists
  • Of those, it was included in 42% of people’s top 3

James Blake was the deserved winner of this year Mercury Prize award. Blake’s experimental and atmospheric music perfectly compliments the soulful undertones of his voice. A fantastically crafted musical offering.
– Grace Pattle, Live Editor, ranked the album #2

– Jamie Wall, Edge Reader, ranked the album #3

James Blake’s Mercury Prize winning second record is one that stands above the rest in 2013. His minimal style elevated by his stunning vocals makes for a listening experience unrivalled by others attempting his sound. Having rooted for James from his nomination I feel he deserves a place in the Top 10, not only for winning a Mercury but for continuing to make brilliant music and matching, if not, exceeding his fabulous self titled debut.
– Megan Downing, Editor, ranked the album #3

Other accolades:

  • Won the Barclaycard Mercury Prize
  • Ranked #2 in Clash’s ‘Top Albums of 2013’ list
  • Ranked #5 in The Guardian’s ‘Best albums of 2013’ list.
  • Ranked #26 in Pitchforks’s ‘Top 50 Albums of 2013’ list.


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