Still stuck? Top ten gadgets this Christmas


Christmas is the best time of year for new tech releases, with companies hoping to exploit  the Christmas gift market. As students in 2013 and 2014, we are engulfed in technology, which – of course – is always being updated and developing. Each year many of us await with bated breath the latest gadgets.

Here I explore ten top gadgets which are perfect for Christmas gifts. Some are practical, some are wacky; each provokes an involuntary outburst of ‘I want one!’

Induction Speaker £14.95

Now, this is the kind of technology I appreciate but can’t understand. This gadget amplifies your music without requiring a Bluetooth connection. This new technology lets you to easily share music and is perfect for party entertainment. By using ‘Near Field Audio technology’, the induction speaker allows you do play music purely by placing your device on top. It even is able to work through a phone case. At this price, it seems like a bargain!


Olloclip 4-in-one Lens £59.95

This attachment allows the inner photographer in you to utilise your present camera phone. So far the only version is for the iPhone. Olloclip also provide several lens options, such as macro lenses which transform your phone into a capable camera. This 4 in 1 lens offers a variety of enhanced photographs and styles. With this product being offered at £59, it is certainly cheaper than an additional camera and more compact, in order to facilitate those improvised shots.


Water Speakers £34.95

Although initially a bit pricey for a speaker set, their sheer wackiness gives them instant appeal. The speakers are water-filled and sound causes a dancing aquatic spectacle – perfect for watching Blue Planet.  The water is sealed within the speaker so they are pretty much fool proof. They could act as a spontaneous party entertainment trick or revision distraction. With 4 water jets and coloured LEDs that pulse in reaction to the musical selection, these will have you captivated for hours.


Elgato EyeTV Mobile £89.95

This ingenuous little contraption allows you to watch TV on your iPad. This clever device allows you to stream live TV without using any data, whilst also allowing you to save TV shows to your MacBook. Other similar devices are available for PCs (if you are not blessed with the latest Apple gadget) through a Freeview USB tuner. TV viewing without having an actual TV is great, because we are all fed up of the buffering symbol when trying to watch a live show online.


Campervan Toaster £37.95

Every student house needs a toaster, for those delicate mornings after the nights before. What better way to cheer you up than a retro campervan toaster. It’s chic, cute and a must have!


Zip Headphones £12.95

How many times have you got tangled up in a pair of headphones? These wickedly weird earphones help reduce entanglement and look funky too. With most students plugging in during revision and starting those deadly essays, why not get zipped in to this unique product?


DIGIFLEX Flying Helicopter Novelty Alarm Clock Gadget £10.99

This alarm clock is ingenious. If an early lecture doesn’t tickle your fancy, this clock can act as a dutiful parent. It flies around the room in order to wake you (and encourage you to attend uni). Although its recapture is not clear, a quick chase around your room will help set you up for an adrenaline-filled day.


Emergency Phone Charger £7.49

This simple emergency charger only requires two AA batteries and increases your battery life to 60% from nothing. This is great if you’re in dire need of power. This charger is small and compact and not too much trouble to carry, especially in a bag or pocket for a night out. It works as an extra boost when needed. More expensive alternatives like the Joosa gives you four recharges from one pack (£29.99). Alternatively the Pebble Smartstick – a compact cylinder – is another viable option (£18.95).


USB Fridge £16.95

Ever needed a refreshing beverage during a long stint in the library? Of course! With this USB fridge you can keep a soft drink cold for the ultimate refreshment to aid those studying blues and set you up for the next chapter.


Touch Screen Gloves £14.99

If you’re having trouble accessing your phone during the winter months, these gloves use conductive material allowing you to have effectively insulated hands while accessing music and contacts in the fresh air.


All of these products are great gifts for everyone in our technological age, which will hopefully keep you entertained for Boxing Day and the next few months. A gadget is not just for Christmas you know!


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