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Next on THE LIST 2014 is Khushi, a London based singer/songwriter, who started uploading music to his SoundCloud a year ago. He’s released the least amount of music compared to other acts on the list with just one sole A side/B side single under his chest, but that single was premièred by BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, so he’s got something about him.

Said single ‘Magpie’ is a slow, unfurling, well-crafted track that gained considerable radio play. Like a fine oak table hand sculpted by Ray Mears himself, ‘Magpie’ is a natural stepping stone, a foundation for Khushi to push further and stake his claim in 2014. The sudden accelerations, woodland harmonies and huge mass of instruments as the track winds up, show great intelligence and it simply sounds brilliant.

Originally getting into music apparently due to the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ clip in Wayne’s World, Khushi has been compared to the likes of The National, Sivu and unsurprisingly Ben Howard. But it’s when you hear Kalim ‘Khushi’ Patz’s vocals that you start to understand the hype and excitement for his movements into 2014; they are unique and send that “hey, this is something a bit different” signal to the brain.

Live dates are non existent, hinting a tad that he’s locked down in the studio. His previous live shows last summer included slots at In The Woods and Gathering 2013, as well as supporting Dan Croll and Summer Camp. Oh, and his manager is Jameela Jamil and she says “he isn’t a wanker”.

Although an individual artist, Khushi performs as a live quartet and recently covered another possible THE LIST contender and her track ‘Pilgrim‘. We can’t deny that there isn’t much material to prove to us that Khushi is going to be great in 2014, but the little glimpses we do get are true brilliance, and from a debut artist that is a strong start.

Khushi’s debut single ‘Magpie’ was released October 7th on the Laissez Faire Club label.


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    Citing the Bohemian Rhapsody scene from Wayne’s World as the reason for getting in to music is amazing. Nothing more valid and influential around!

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