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Tahliah Barnett, otherwise known as FKA twigs, embodies the sound of 2014. Having received critical claim for her EP, EP2, when it was released earlier this year, she’s also proved a hit with the public, racking up well over a million views since August on YouTube for her ‘Water Me’ video. Not only this, she has been nominated for BBC Sound of 2014 as well as being chosen by Spotify as one of the artists to be featured on their Spotlight on 2014 list. It seems only fair that she should feature on The Edge’s list of one’s to watch for the next 12 months.

Transcending the genres of dance and hip hop, FKA twigs creates something entirely unique: layering carefully crafted beats underneath breathy ethereal vocals. She subtly demonstrates her vocal skill through the exploration of her vocal range within the music, and this range is so impressive that she verges into the realms of the operatic.

It is not only her music that makes a statement; her videos are visual works of art too. A particularly haunting example is the video for ‘Papi Pacify’ which is dark, disturbing and completely captivating. It is littered with sexual overtones but is portrayed in a way that does not cheapen her and her music. Make no mistakes, this is a far cry from Miley Cyrus. FKA Twigs and her music is intelligent, observant and inventive.

There is no doubt about it, she is making a statement. Whilst this statement may not be entirely obvious, the point is her music stays with you long after you have listened to it; a sign that she is slowly cementing her status as one to watch.

FKA twigs’ EP2 is available now.


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