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It took three long hours of tears, tantrums and turmoil before we whittled an extensive long-list down to the ten acts which made THE LIST 2014. We deliberated over these five acts for a while and decided that they didn’t make the cut because they’re a bit too… mysterious. Who knows whether these acts will do well next year, but on the very little music they’ve made so far, they all have huge potential.

1. Ninetoes
Ninetoes’ ‘Finder’ is one which, once heard, will not be forgotten. The syncopated, carefree steel drums conjure up images of a funky Caribbean island, and while it sounds like it should be played on a beach, you’re more likely to recognise it from clubs which have been playing it for months. Something of a summer anthem, it received a further boost when James Newman sang on the track. The innovative club groove created by Ninetoes suggests real promise for the future.

2. All About She
This trio may be getting played on BBC Radio One every day, but they still have less than 1000 likes on their Facebook page, and ‘Higher’ is their first proper release. Between the three members, they’ve worked with artists including Tinie Tempah, Dizzee Rascal and Jessie J, and the UK garage band are now slaving away on their debut EP which is due early next year.

3. Mapei
Sharing her name with the “worldwide leader in products for building industry, adhesive, sealants and chemical products for construction” probably isn’t ideal, but this soulful songstress who grew up in Stockholm has more to offer than some strong glue. The 29-year-old has previously released music as a rapper and made an un-released album with Justice, but has now had a bit of an image overhaul, and is planning on releasing an “eclectic” record next year.

4. Vaults
There is a total of one song by Vaults on the internet, but the chiming glockenspiel riff combined with strings, electronica and soft, melancholy vocals meant that this mysterious band racked up 35,000 plays in less than 24 hours when it was premiered in September. ‘Cry No More’ has an enchantingly cinematic quality, and with comparisons to 2013 breakout bands like CHVRCHES and London Grammar, we wait with baited breath for new music from them.

5. Style of Eye
“If there’s any justice it will be all over the radio for most of 2014” wrote The Guardian earlier this month. Style of Eye has had plenty of success in Sweden, but apart from that, isn’t very well known at all. He’s worked with Skrillex, A-Trak and Icona Pop, and his single ‘Kids’ has just been released everywhere (except for the UK). We think he’s got a sneaky trick up his sleeve for this song in 2014.

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