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Ascot; a quiet, middle class, Range Rover-filled suburbia, only noticed during the one week a year it becomes more than socially acceptable to wear a top hat and bet all your money on men riding horses. Sounds like an unlikely place for any new music to appear from, particularly anything distinctively eerie and unpredictable as that of Febueder.

The name ‘Febueder’ raises many questions in its pronunciation, with the band themselves stating it’s ‘Bermuda with an F. As in Bermuda Triangle. Febueder.’ The three piece indie rock band describe their sound as ‘very playful and experimental and skillful’, ‘with simple instrumentation’ and they couldn’t be more right. They have been compared by DIY magazine to the likes of Alt-J, Glass Animals and Beaty Heart, as well as, in my opinion, encompassing some of the heavy basslines of an early indie-math Foals. Having recently signed with Tape Club Records, been featured in NME’s Radar page [16th November edition] and been played on BBC Radio 1 numerous times, the boys’ career could not have got off to a better start.

With the release of ‘Soap Carv‘ on the 25th November this year, Kieran Godfrey [vocals], Harry Summersgill [bass]and Sam Keysell [drums]are no strangers to the music scene, having self released their debut EP ‘Smithereen Display’ over a year ago. The boys have gone from strength to strength, supporting Ghostpoet at a number of his 2012/2013 dates and receiving huge support for the release of their single ‘Alligator’, which NME described as ‘wrapping their earthy, layered vocals around throbbing bass and squelching guitar figures in a middle-eight meltdown to rival Animal Collective’. With ethereal lyrics and eclectic, unpredictable melodies, this band has a long and potentially highly successful future ahead of them.

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    I’m a big fan of febueder like yourself, however i haven’t been exposed to their music since about 2 to 3 years ago.
    I’m eager to hear more from the band, but unfortunately the band has decided to remove Smithereen Display from their discography, there is no way to listen to it anymore, through some digging i managed to find ‘Hor’ and i think its a fascinating sound for the band.

    My question is do you still have Smithereen Display in your possession, and if so would you be willing to send me the files?

    With kind regards,
    Niels Heino

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