Introducing: Royal Blood


As soon as the duo Royal Blood’s track ‘Out of the Black’ begins, you know that you’re in for something that is going to make you lift your head up and bloody well notice them. Metallic guitars scream to the sound of dry drum rolls; the razor-sharp texture painfully abrasive yet so appealing and instantly gratifying. What then occurs for the next three and a half or so minutes is one of the most intense, noisy, and damn sexy collections of grating guitar riffs, slamming drum crashes and howling vocals that have ever been blessed on to this great earth.

Sounding like Jack White collaborating with a young Matt Bellamy on guitar, this song slams the listener about like an abused tennis ball, as soon as you have recovered from the last blast of sound another comes around the corner and smacks you in the opposite direction; this wondrous cacophony produced by this two-piece – yes, there really are only two members – is meatier than livestock itself.

I dare you not to nod your head whilst listening to this song – go on, I dare you.

Royal Blood play Lennons on Saturday 26th October.


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