“I’m so full of cake!”: An interview with Ben Marwood (14/09/2013)


I was at Southsea Festival wandering between venues and saw Ben Marwood sat on his own eating a big slice of Black Forest gateau, so I decided to join him for a chat (he didn’t mind, honest!).

So, I’m outside a café with Ben Marwood at Southsea Festival! How are you?

Ben: I’m good how are you? I’m so full of cake!

I’m very well, and you’ve had a massive slice of cake. 

Ben: It was huge and now I can’t even finish it, you should have the rest.

I might take you up on the offer! (I did). So, are you looking forward to playing at Southsea?

Ben: I am, I am! I’ve not been to Southsea Fest before, so it’s a new one on me, but everyone seems to be having a good time!

Where are you playing?

Ben: I’m playing at the Atrium, which is literally just over there, which is a lot smaller than I thought it might be, but bigger than it could be I guess! There you go!

What more could you want!

Ben: It’s gonna be fun.

Are you looking forward to seeing any particular acts while you’re here?

Ben: Yeah, I’m going to see Oxygen Thief in a little bit, who is a wonderful friend of mine, and Retrospective Soundtrack Players. I’m just treating today as an excuse to catch up with old friends really.

I last saw you at the Bent Brief in Southampton, have you done any more gigs like that with Rob the Liar or any of those musicians?

Ben: I haven’t done any with those people in a while, but I do have one coming up at The Bent Brief in a few weeks with the same line up, so there you go. It’s Saturday October 5th. It’s like we’re trying to wind the clocks to six months ago. 

Have you had a good festival summer?

Ben: It’s been wonderful yeah! I did 2000 Trees Festival which was amazing and then I went out the States for a couple of weeks  with Frank Turner. So now I’m just slowly, casually winding down the year. I’ve got nine or ten shows between now and Christmas, so I’m just pacing myself. It’s been quite a good year – it feels quite long but a good one!

Have you been writing any more songs at all?

Ben: I have been writing, but I don’t know what I’m gonna really do with it. I thought I’d start writing, and see how it went. I’ve done the writing and it went well, and now I’ve got a whole bunch of songs which are quite fun to play and I quite like, so now I have to decide what to do with them!

That’s the best thing, when you’ve got songs that are you think quite fun to play, you can’t really ask for more than that!

Ben: That’s right, so today I have to stand up and play what are now the old songs, because no one is allowed to hear the new songs! The new album has only been out for four months, it feels like about seven years, but I feel like I’m gonna stay faithful to this album for a little while.

I think that’s probably a good thing to do! Well, I’ll let you get on with your cake because this was very spontaneous, I’m very sorry for interrupting!

Ben: You’re not interrupting at all, I’m just pleased to not be sat here at a table by myself, on the Albert Road, with just me and a big slice of cake! I enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot to Ben Marwood and credit to the photo goes to Ben Morse. Latest album, ‘Back Down’, is out now.  Catch him play in Southampton on 5th October at The Bent Brief.


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