Team Southampton’s ultimate workout tunes


By questioning various Southampton Uni athletes from a variety of sports societies and looking through my own workout playlists, I’ve put together a collection of songs to get everyone motivated to train hard this year!


The Vaccines – Norgaard

This has been the first song on my running playlist for years, although it may seem like a weird suggestion, it’s one of those songs that flows smoothly, making it perfect for a good run!

S Club 7 – Don’t Stop Moving

Whether you find S Club 7 really annoying or simply fantastic, Don’t Stop Moving is surely what everyone out on a jog should be aiming for.

Foster The People – Helena Beat

Helena Beat has a very steady rhythm and an uplifting effect on even the most grumpy of runners.


AC/DC – Thunderstruck

This song was suggested to me by so many people, evidencing it’s suitability for weight training!

Enter Shikari – Zzzonked

Zzzonked is a very aggressive song that builds up anger in listeners to the point where it just has to be taken out on the weights. Great if you need some motivation to pump that iron.

Linkin Park – Bleed It Out

Also an aggressive song, but with a lighter chorus to stop yourself getting overly worked up.

Rowing Machine

Ben Howard – Keep Your Head Up

The lyrics to this song are just perfect for rowing! Keeping your head up is exactly what needs to be done to improve technique and keeping your heart strong is a necessity when the pain intensifies towards the end of your practice.

Noisettes – Don’t Upset The Rhythm

The repetitive lyrics of this song give you somethingto focus on during each stroke other than the screen immediately in front of your face counting down the time remaining ever so slowly.

Nicky Romero – Symphonica

Not a song I would normally listen to, but can really get you ‘in the zone’ on the rowing machine.

So there it is; happy training! What’s your favourite workout song? Let us know in the comments below.


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    Eminem – ’til I Collapse is great for any repetitive exercise, but Don’t Stop Moving on a run? Each to their own I suppose

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