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It’s finally here! The third part of The Edge’s Glastonbury 2013 review. Our contributors take you through their experience on the super sunny Sunday at Worthy Farm. The final day of the best festival on earth definitely went out with a bang. 

Claire – Having never heard The Bots before, I didn’t know what to expect from the young two piece. The drummer’s hair took a big part of my attention, but when I was listening the drumming itself I found it to be pretty awesome too, especially since he, Anaiah, is only 14. However, the vocals from Mikaiha, the other half of the band, let the set down and needed to be stronger and clearer. They have a lot of potential, and being young they have a lot of time to perfect their performance.

Cat – Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara of First Aid Kit brought their sultry folk music to the Pyramid Stage for a midday set. Even if not to my taste, the vocal ability of the pair was undeniably remarkable, with catchy song writing and flawless harmonizing taking centre stage. A small but committed audience was suitably enthralled.

Grace – Matt Corby’s voice was absolutely stunning live. He played with passion and intensity. Despite having possible the worst view ever he captivated me throughout his set. Matt Corby is definitely one to watch.

Claire – I’d heard lots about the two piece girl rockers before I’d headed to Glastonbury, aware that their debut single was hailed as Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record In The World on Radio 1 in 2012. However, I couldn’t see much special about Deap Valley other than the fact they’re two girls who don’t wear many clothes. They were full of energy and put on a very good show, but for me there was nothing that stood out.

Claire – I discovered The Villagers when they released their debut album Becoming the Jackal in 2010, and loved every single one of their album tracks. After 3 years of watching interviews and live performances on YouTube my long awaited experience of a real live set from them lived up to every expectation. O’Brien’s lyrics are poetic and tell a story, much like Nick Cave’s but another kind of beautiful altogether.

Emma – Tom Odell announcing that he had just got to number one in the album charts with his debut album ‘Long Way Down‘ during his set was very sweet. He says he wanted his album to sound the same live and it definitely does. Highlight of the set was ‘Another Love’. Despite some tracks being weaker than others it was still a great performance.

Claire – Hot Chip (HC) are one of my favourite bands of all time, so when I found out New Build (featuring HC’s Al Doyle and Felix Martin, and LCD Soundsystem’s Pat Mahoney) were playing Glastonbury I felt pretty darn blessed. Watching members from bands who have helped shape modern dance music start again, playing a tiny venue such as Williams Green to an even tinier crowd, with all their experience and talent behind them, was a really beautiful experience. They sounded exceptional and I really look forward to them becoming more and more well known. If you want a taste, check out ‘False Thing’ or ‘Do it all Again’.

Emma – Jessie Ware had a great stage presence throughout, often talking to the crowd and trying to come closer to them. Unfortunately the bass was too loud for the first two tracks and it masked over her effortless and delicate vocals. Yet, once that was rectified she put on a great show.

p01c43nbCat – Tracks from the New Yorkers Vampire Weekend’s new album stood up to classics ‘A-Punk’ and ‘Oxford Comma’ in a high energy set characterised by a musical exactitude not often achievable live. Trademark frantic guitars and off-beats provoked mass dancing in the large crowd that had gathered, which remained in the pocket of charming frontman Ezra.

Grace – This was the first time I’d seen James Blake perform live. He smashed out hit after hit with such class and passion. Of course he saved ‘Retrograde’ till last. As soon as he sang the first few bars you could feel the ripple of excitement through the audience. James Blake is pure talent through and through.

Emma – Lianne La Havas deserved a spot on The Pyramid Stage. She has an absolutely stunning voice that entranced her small following. Every song in the set was as strong as the last, with a range of tempos. Her hit ‘Lost and Found’ was a particular favourite.

Claire – Never before have I witnessed a man and his band perform in such an originally spectacular way; Nick Cave’s set exceeded all my expectations with its epically harrowing songs and so-far-unrivalled audience interaction. Cave and his Bad Seeds morphed into the music they were producing, becoming one disorientating, terrifying machine which left Mumford and Sons fans feeling out of their depth. I honestly can’t think of a single way Cave or his Bad Seeds could have improved their set.

Cat – On Sunday night Billy Corgan proved that he is the true spirit of the band as he delivered a dynamic and musically remarkable set, playing classics such as ‘Tonight, Tonight’ and ‘Bullet with Butterfly Wings’ to a dedicated crowd, as well an enthralling cover of ‘Space Oddity’. A personal highlight of mine, the Pumpkins provided an alternative to Glastonbury’s classic rock and folk roots, in a performance that for many will have been their last opportunity to see the band.

p01c4kr3Megan – Tyler, The Creator performed without fellow member of OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) Earl Sweatshirt as he is currently suffering from pneumonia back in LA. He was fantastic. Playing tracks from his three LPs as well as some Odd Future favourites his energy was relentless.

Claire – After seeing Chic and Nile Rodgers’ set I decided that the West Holts stage was my new spiritual home, so I made a triumphant return and saw my joint-second favourite gig of my entire life (with the other half being the aforementioned). Womack, frail yet humble, put on the best show he and the audience could have asked for, with support from an amazing backing band and the exceedingly talented Damon Albarn, who played piano during the first half of the set. During the second half of the set I think even he himself forgot he was a 69 year old man in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, absorbing the energy of the crowd and stunning the audience with powerful vocals.

Amy – Putting on an amazing set, Mumford and Sons were a perfect way in which to say goodbye to Glastonbury 203. It was particularly endearing to see Ted Dwane, Mumford’s bassist, freshly recovered from brain surgery, make an appearance on The Pyramid Stage and even more exciting was the surprise inclusion of The Vaccines, Vampire Weekend, First Aid Kit and The Staves to end the show. There were no great surprises in terms of audience reaction or quality of the band – I knew they’d be amazing and they were – but overall the atmosphere was one of the best I’ve ever experienced.

Grace – The xx closed Glastonbury with an absolutely stunning set that was flawless from start to finish. It amazes me how a band with such a mellow and unique sound can still create such energy from a crowd. By far one of my personal highlights of the entire festival.

Emma – Despite being the most famous DJ I saw all weekend, I was a bit let down by Fat Boy Slim. His mixing seemed dated and other than his famous tracks, he fell a bit flat. It did not help that most people there were waiting for the rumoured daft punk to grace arcadia so when they were greeted by an awful rendition of ‘Get Lucky‘ by Fat Boy Slim it hit a bum note.

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