‘The UK is my favourite place to battle at the moment’: An interview with 100 Bulletz


After being invited back to ‘Verdict’ for a second time in quick succession for a classic battle with The Saurus, 100 Bulletz’ British fan base is steadily growing. The Edge caught up with him about the past, present and future of battle rap in the UK and internationally.

Why did you choose the name 100 Bulletz?

100 Bullets is a comic book where characters are given a briefcase with a gun, 100 bullets and a potential target. This target has done them wrong in some way and they are allowed to do whatever they want with these 100 bullets without worry of law enforcement etc. I figured that was kinda like battle rap. You say what you want and 99.9% of the time, you go home with no problems.

When did you decide to enter into battle rap?

I actually got into battle rap to promote a site I was running at the time. It was an online battling site and I figured if I was battling – and good – people would be more likely to join. I tried it out. The site fell off and battling stuck.

You are well known for crazy intricate schemes, reverse punch-lines, slow it downs etc. What is your writing process? Or is that a secret…

I basically either have an angle or a punchline. And then I decide which would best fit a 1-2 punch, a multi scheme, word association scheme, reverse punch or whatever. But it always starts with the punch/angle and then builds from there.

What is your favourite/least favourite of all your performances?

My favorite performance would be T-Dubb O. Least favourite performance would be Dirtbag Dan.

Have you got a favourite UK battler?

The Arkaic that beat Sensa. If that version sticks around… ouch.

Have you got a favourite international battler?

There are a lot of crazy emcees. Too many tbh. O-Red, B-Magic and Big T are all in my Top 5 though.

What do you do when you’re not battling?

Make music. Write scripts. Plot on ways to become self-employed. Not much, sleeping.

How would you compare Don’t Flop to other leagues you’ve battled in? You seem to enjoy battling in the UK.

Best crowd in the world. Events are run amazing and great emcees/match ups. It’s my favourite place to battle at the moment. Also, the two events I’ve attended have been crazy. (DF 4th Birthday Party & Verdict).

You battled poRICH at the same event as the controversial battle between Arcane and Dizaster, what was your take on the hostile crowd?

The bigger the crowd, the less personal and more hostile. Also, there was definitely a “pro-Canada” vibe there for the title match. Dizaster was up against it.

How do you feel about your recent battles with Dirtbag Dan and the Saurus? You obviously killed the Saurus battle, but is it fair to say that you weren’t on your ‘A’ game against Dirtbag Dan?

Exactly. For various reasons, my Dirtbag Dan performance was far less than what I’d hoped. I don’t care about a win or loss. I just wanted to have a clean performance and that didn’t happen. The Thesaurus battle was shortly after and offered, in a sense, a shot at immediate redemption. I also felt that if I failed against Thesaurus, it would be back to back poor showings against my biggest two opponents. I couldn’t allow that to happen in a sport that is all about, “what have you done for me lately”.

In your battle with The Saurus, he flipped one of your football/soccer schemes by saying that no-one back home in Canada would understand it. How much do you think a battler should adapt their style for the country they’re in?

Yeah, I knew this and as long as the crowd enjoyed it, it wouldn’t matter. However, if the crowd was silent after a long scheme, than people who don’t get the scheme would think it was junk and I was saying nothing. With the reaction they got, everyone will be confused about the content, but know that I’m saying SOMETHING to make them go nuts. And I think my content speaks for itself. When I am in DF, I write for the people in that room/England.

How are you feeling about the battle with JC at World Domination 4?

I feel like battling is kind of effortless for JC. And recently, I don’t think he’s been putting much effort into his non URL battles. And he probably still hasn’t lost in at least five battles. That being said, if he comes to the battle with decent or even good material, it’s gonna be ugly for the little guy.

Do you think Pat Stay will take the title off Arcane?

If Pat Stay takes the battle serious, he will win.

Who do you next want to battle?

Same answer as always. I want to battle people the battle fans think I can challenge. A lot of people think I can’t beat JC. Many think I can. Most believe it will be a good match. A year ago, not many would’ve said that. A year from now, they will want me to face even bigger names (if all goes to plan). I just wanna battle people where the battle fans say, “DAMN! That’s gonna be a good battle.” Like when it was announced that I’d face Thesaurus. And again, a year ago, that battle would’ve made no sense and nobody woulda given me a chance.

And finally, I’ve got to ask, what did you make of Daylyt getting ass naked (without a shotgun) at Verdict? We were both there; I definitely had no idea what to think/do/say…

Daylyt is crazy but calculated. You can’t do anything but try not to get hit by shrapnel.


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