The Edge’s Top 10 Albums of 2012: #5


Django Django – Django Django

Released 30th January 2012, Because Music

Django Django have been surprise successes for 2012. Going fairly unnoticed until the release of the single ‘Default’, the quartet who met in Edinburgh have since received a Mercury Music Prize nomination and a 5 star rating from The Guardian.


  • 14% of contributors included the album in their top ten
  • Of those, 29% ranked the album in their top three
  • Ranked the album of the year by one contributor

Review by Sam Basinger, Edge writer (ranked the album #3):

This album came totally out of left-field for me, a debut by a band I’d never heard. It grips you with this instantly catchy brand of psychedelic electronic rock combining looped vocals and four-part harmonies with dirty power chords and drum machines. My favourite new band of 2012.

Review by Chris Dibsdall, Edge writer (ranked the album #10):

Django Django proved in 2012 that guitar music was not only still relevant, but that there was still space within the genre for expansion. Django Django is unabashedly strange, in places intimidating, and always beguiling. It recalls the best qualities of psychedelic rock, but mixes in elements that are all its own. Django Django wants to demonstrate that indie rock need not be straight-ahead guitar riffs and mundane lyrics, but that it can be cosmic too.


  • Ranked #6 on The Fly’s “Top 50 Albums of 2012” list
  • Ranked #7 on MOJO’s “Top 20 Albums of 2012” list
  • Ranked #8 on Clash’s “Top 40 Albums of 2012” list


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