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Just as Radio One decided to celebrate everything rock, the world was given its first glimpse at the possible future of the genre. Essex three-piece March On Rome released the video for their single ‘Hopeless Paradise’ last week, and although Zane Lowe and co. didn’t give it a spin this time around, it is only a matter of time before March On Rome join the abundance of young, aspiring British rock bands.

Hopeless Paradise opens with an intimate guitar line that kicks hard into the main body of the song. Other bands may carry on with raw noise at breakneck speed, yet March On Rome aren’t afraid to go quiet again, building up into crescendos that have a far greater impact. The track shows an impressive maturity considering the young age of its members. Mike Anderson’s drumming is tight and intricate, whilst the vocals sound remarkably well produced for a band that was left initially searching for a vocalist. Luckily Pete Anderson was already on hand to give it a try and hasn’t looked back. The fact the band numbers a member or two less than some of their contemporaries barely shows. What works for Biffy Clyro appears to work for March On Rome and there is certainly no lessened effect in their output. ‘Hopeless Paradise’ rocks hard in the chorus but delicately drops away to an enthralling climax.

Mike, a history student here at Southampton, told The Edge, “‘Hopeless Paradise’ is an oxymoron; it is that balance between pessimism and optimism that we all find in life. If everyone views life as perfect it is devalued. The song is about appreciating what is good, accepting the bad and finding the balance.”

Now that the band have found stability and confidence, more writing and recording is due to follow. ‘Hopeless Paradise’ is just a glimpse into the lives of three musicians with the talent and desire to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Don Broco and Lower Than Atlantis. With over 1,000 views already on their new video, they are doing all the right things to grab new fans.

Stating their influences as Foo Fighters, Audioslave and Young Guns, March On Rome know euphoric, anthemic rock music inside out, and from ‘Hopeless Paradise’ it is clear that they have the potential to add to the bustling modern rock community.

Search March On Rome on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming events, shows and news. Plus the video for Hopeless Paradise can be seen below. Check it out!


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