Introducing: Nina Nesbitt


Disentangling her fan-friendly Facebook page I come across a snapshot of Nina excitedly clutching a bag of pick ‘n’ mix, clearly delighted at the thought of being able to dip into them soon. Come to think of it, pick ‘n’ mix is a worthy way to describe Nina’s music; lots of different ideas and influences all combined together to create a sugary sweet sound that is reflective of her young age.

18 year old Nina Nesbitt’s enchanted journey was given the boost it needed when she was discovered by Mr Sheeran at a radio gig in Edinburgh in summer 2011. Since then the Scotland-born ‘star-to-be’ has gone from strength-to-strength having toured with Ed Sheeran, supported Example, released two EPs and recently, her debut single ‘Boy’.

Her voice, fresh as an apple, vocalizing her heart-felt lyrics over a bouncy melody create Nina’s happy go lucky sound that is fundamental of her earlier songs. ‘Boy’ on the other hand, has a lot more depth to it. The percussion is let loose all over the place, complimenting the layered vocals whilst an electric guitar keeps a steady beat. Fortunately, Nina’s crystal clear voice cuts through all this with ease and the song remains representative of her unique breezy sound.

So that’s it: Nina in a nutshell! Having recently moved down to London to record and co-produce her debut album, with Jake Gosling, we can look forward to more delightful songs from the dainty singer/songwriter in early 2013.

Nina Nesbitt’s single ‘Boy’ is available for download from here.


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