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None of us are strangers to a novelty charity single. The nation embraces chart toppers sang by X Factor finalists year after year. Whilst there’s no denying the causes are worthwhile, the performances are often overly polished, bereft of emotion and if anything the final moment for these finalists is to win over your vote by demonstrating just how caring an individual they are.

‘Good Golly Miss Mollie’ is a charity single that is refreshingly different from the norm. It is upbeat and has a beautifully raw feel, from the production to the touching video that accompanies the single. Mollie Matthews is a local three year old girl who is suffering from a rare form of cancer known as Neuroblastoma and is receiving stem cell chemotherapy treatment in Southampton General Hospital. Neuroblastoma is a cancer that develops from nerve tissue and occurs most often in very young children. Children with Neuroblastoma tend to be at a greater risk of developing other cancers later on in life.

The greatest problem with Neuroblastoma is the extremely high relapse rate. Treatment of relapse patients is expensive and the only leading facility is in North America. In order to raise money and awareness of this rare form of cancer, ‘Mollie’s Kick Ass Campaign’ was born. The aim of the charity is to raise £500, 000 to go towards not only Mollie’s treatment, but also to help families and other children suffering from Neuroblastoma in the hope that there will be a greater awareness of the disease.

‘Mollie’s Kick Ass Campaign’ has already been causing quite a stir. In September, along with the help of children’s community ‘Showman of Great Britain’, ‘Mollie’s Kick Ass Campaign’ held a 12 hour festival entitled ‘MOLLIEFEST’ on a 17 acre site in Hertfordshire, which attracted a crowd of over 3000 people raising a staggering £100,000. However this incredible achievement is only the start of this campaign as their next aim is to achieve a top ten hit with their charity single ‘Good Golly Miss Mollie’. For a mere 79p you can help this little girl in her plight to achieve £500,000 and reach the top ten charts, maybe even number one.

For once we have the opportunity to get a charity single into the charts that isn’t overly produced with a ridiculous amount of Auto-Tune and cheesy key changes to match. Instead we now have the chance to publicise a charity single that shows a real sense of community spirit, fun and most importantly dedication to the cause. The single demonstrates the importance of family as the video shows members of all ages dancing and getting involved. What is also refreshing is the choice of song is distinctively positive. Instead of the engineered emotion promoted by the likes of X Factor, this single is unashamedly joyful and will get both the young and the old on their feet.

Whilst we are all experiencing the financial burden of student life, spending 79p in support of this worthwhile cause is not exactly going to break the bank. ‘Good Golly Miss Mollie’ is available to download now on iTunes or Amazon. For more information on ‘MOLLIE’S KICK ASS CAMPAIGN’ visit her Facebook page at


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