How to Train Your Dragon – Outside Viewing


A clear night sky set the scene for Union Films’ outside showing of the highly-rated animated comedy-drama How to Train Your Dragon. Last year Union Films showed Kung Fu Panda 2 outside and sought to replicate its success.

Although there was a late start – with the advertised start time of 7 well passed before the film began – the plentiful supply of popcorn, sweets, as well as the anticipation for the beginning meant that when it did start, the crowd – which reached upwards of 150 – had their eyes fixed firmly to the screen. Union Films’ choice of How to Train Your Dragon seemed particularly well inspired – given its setting on a island near the north, the chilly  British weather helped the film obtain a sense of reality just a little.

The film itself is brilliant – with a rating of 98 out of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s not just me singing its praises – and the outside showing also reinforced the dynamic nature of the film. This could be seen in some of the action sequences which had an extra dimension to them, as you could almost feel the wind rushing past you during the flying scenes.

As well as this the sound (one of the highlights of the film anyway) was also bettered by being outside; it became all-encompassing and, like the film, thoroughly thrilling. A great film and a great experience all-round. Union Films have a number of film marathons, special events and all-nighters planned throughout the year and, based on this experience, I’d highly recommend you go.


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