The Angle – Week 20


1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – ‘We Almost Lost Detroit’

The third single taken from their debut record It’s A Corporate World, ‘We Almost Lost Detroit’ shows that Drake and Rihanna aren’t the only ones who can recreate a Gil Scott-Heron classic. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (not the race car driver) have inventively reinterpreted the track with an electro-motown sound, using punchy, percussive synths and the soulful voice of frontman Daniel Zott. The Detroit indie-rock duo harmonise to create a roaring chorus of psychadelic-pop, resulting in an amalgamation of genres which results in a fun version of a brilliant track.

2. Charli XCX – ‘You’re the One’

After supporting Santigold and Coldplay over the last few months, Charli XCX is ready to showcase her futuristic electro-pop sound with new single ‘You’re the One’. Like a mixture of Marina & The Diamonds and Grimes, the track encapsulates everything that Charli XCX is about with crashing synths, extraterrestrial, echoing vocals, and a climaxing chorus, all of which combine to make a brilliantly quirky pop song. The Herefordshire girl talk-raps over the beat during the middle eight which further heightens it’s appeal, meaning that this track is likely to do really well. It will be released in the UK on 19th August, and her album is expected in the autumn.

3. White Arrows – ‘Get Gone’

Psyechedelic music these days has increasingly little to do with actual drugs, more the process of musicians messing around with electronic beats. However, White Arrows, a group of four from Los Angeles may have a stronger case than most – lead singer Mickey Church was born blind (regaining his sight after extensive treatment). It’s not as bizaare as you might first think though, although it could send you into a trance if you are the suggestible type. Taking the almost now mandatory cues from bands such as Animal Collective, ‘Get Gone’ is awash with synth strokes, wobbling guitars and at the core, maintains a catchy, simplistic chorus. Their album, Dry Land is Not A Myth is available now

Contributions from Howell Davies and David Martin.


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