The Angle – Week 18


1. Royal Headache – Girls

Australian four piece Royal Headache recently burst into the public eye with the release of their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album. Through blending a messy and authentic punk sound with earthy but frantic vocals, the band are certainly creating something unique. With tracks such as ‘Girls’ cramming more energy in less than two minutes, than many bands can in a whole album, its hard to stop listening. Make sure to check out the track ‘Never Again’ (one of the bands longer songs, at 2:12), for more of an example of the band’s unique twist of an oftenly replicated genre.

2. Death Grips – The Fever (Aye Aye)

Death Grips, a Sacramento three-piece featuring two DJ-Types and a rapper named MC Ride recently gained attention for their album The Money Store. Packing an unfathomable amount of anger and static noise into its twelve tracks, the band are unstoppable. Through harnessing influences from a variety of genres, including dubstep, grime and drum and bass, the band manage to sound infinitely more fresh and authentic than such often-stale genres, with each song surpassing your expectations. Pick up The Money Store for an experience that will leave you angry at the world, even if you’re not sure why.

3. Jumanji – Glass Towers

Glass Towers are yet another example of the torrent of quality of music that is spilling out ofAustralia. A peppy indie four-piece from Sydney, ‘Glass Towers’ is a prime example of their spirited music, with some crisp vocals and sweet rhythms, with kooky guitars and strokes which bring to mind similar music by Last Dinosaurs. Before you get sick from the sugary sweet goodness, be sure to check out their EP, What We Were, When We Were which is a refreshingly varied batch by a band already making a storm in their native country. The hype could transfer over here soon enough with an album scheduled for early next year.

Contributions from Dan Flynn and David Martin


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