The Angle – Week 12


1. Now, Now – ‘Thread’

This American group from Minnesota have actually been around since about 2003 as a rag-tag group of innocent kids, but only recently started to make sound waves over in the UK. ‘Thread’ showcases a refined rock group, with tight arrangements and placing a great deal of emphasis on their brash beats. Now Now are more than a little indebted to strands of emo rock in their music, but this is only supplemental and overall have more in common with the drama provided by Joy Formidable. Their second album, Threads is available now.

2. The Shutes – ‘Echo Of Love’

Hailing from the Isle of Wight, The Shutes provide a brand of clean guitar rock yet with a appreciative nod to the past generations of psychedelia, which are especially notable in Echo of Love, the title track from their upcoming EP. An unassuming group, all there songs to date breeze through like a breath of fresh air and calmly make their mark. It might sound like what would happen if you shoved Foals into the 80s, with similarly subdued vocals prominent and a bit of electronic experimentation. Echo of Love is released on April 2 through Cross Keys records.

3. 2:54 – ‘You’re Early’

Hot on the tail of their breakthrough single, ‘Scarlet’, 2:54 a.k.a. the London-born Thurlow sisters release the next taster from their self-titled debut album due for release May 28. For a band that have toured in the past with the energetic English rock outfit The Big Pink, ‘You’re Early’ is in stark contrast. It is mellow indie-pop at its best; full of growling guitar riffs accentuated by the band’s longing and mournful lyrics. Here, 2:54 have written a track that is completely and uniquely dark and moody. It is the stuff that true vampire movie soundtracks are made of; the ones that haven’t been injected with Twilight’s false and exaggerated emotion. You’re Early is due for release through Fiction Records on April 9.

Contributions from David Martin and Alex Rogers.


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