The Edge’s Top Albums of 2011: #9


Frank Turner — England Keep My Bones

Released 6th June 2011, Xtra Mile Recordings

Number 9 on The Edge‘s Top Albums of 2011 list is the fourth studio album by English folk rock musician Frank Turner, England Keep My Bones. Released in June, the album peaked at number 12 on the UK Albums Chart.


  • Included in the top-ten lists of 15% of contributors
  • Of those, 75% ranked the album in their top three

Review by Chris Pate, writer (ranked the album #5):

The fourth studio album by the ex-punk from Hampshire continues the Wessex singer’s tradition of examining the philosophy found at the bottom of a whisky bottle in magnificent style. England Keep My Bones is an exposition of England and what it means to be English, from the a cappella ‘English Curse’ telling of the ancient tales of the New Forest, to the nights spent drinking on the grounds of Winchester Cathedral in the vivacious ‘Wessex Boy’. Despite the continuity, England marks a change for Frank Turner: the previous three albums have all focused on the trials of growing up — the first foray into music, the fling with fiercely left-wing politics, and the disappointments of love. Here we see an older, wiser Frank: the album is mature, painfully honest, and quite frankly more enjoyable to listen to. If England has Frank Turner’s bones, then it can keep mine too.

Other accolades:

  • Ranked #7 on’s “Best of 2011” list

Frank Turner — ‘Peggy Sang the Blues’:


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