Our Favourite Spooky Musicals: “Ode to the Urban Myth of the Killer Barber”


Musicals are the definition of versatile, there is always a soundtrack that ticks all the boxes to satisfy your needs. Whatever the season there’s always something out there to fit the mood to a T, the spooky Halloween vibe is a definite favourite at the Edge, some of the writers pick their favourites.

Little Shop of Horrors

If you’re looking for kitschy, cheesy halloween, but still with a healthy dash of the macabre, look no further than Little Shop of Horrors. An absolute CLASSIC, it follows the story of shy, sweet Seymour Krelborn as he descends further and further into a web of his own making after encountering a venus flytrap with a certain craving for human flesh. The name of this murderous house-plant, you ask? Audrey II, named for Krelborn’s mega-crush, Audrey, a ditsy, fashionable blonde. Little Shop of Horrors is a brilliant musical with a doo-wop theme, the narrative being voiced by a trio of singers, who even in the 1986 Frank Oz movie adaptation provide us with cute little interludes where we can stare gobsmacked in horror at just what Audrey II has gotten up to now. It’s super cheesy, and full of loads of bangers (‘Feed Me (Get It)’ is a personal fave), and honestly just an essential watch.

– Alice Fortt


Have you tried defying gravity? This unconventional  ‘spooky’ classic is a must see for those who want to go back to that childhood feeling of wonder. Wicked is a retelling of the classic novel and movie The Wizard of Oz, the musical is told from the perspectives of the Elphaba, Wicked Witch of the West, and Glinda the Good Witch. The two are close friends who fall apart due to their mutual love for Fiyero Tiggular. In previous stories including Elphaba, she is considered evil, wicked and cynical, however Wicked gives us a different perspective showing Elphaba as being a good person who is framed by the Wizard. The corrupt Wizard is the villain of the story and Elphaba with her green-skin and witch like features has none of the evil traits that is given to her in other telling’s of The Wizard of Oz. For someone who hates anything spooky, this spooky musical is the perfect childish pick.

– Morgan Mcmillan 

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Now, if you’re more of a fan of the dark, gothic and creepy Halloween vibes, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is right up your alley. Stephen Sondheim’s ode to the urban myth of the killer barber, Sweeney Todd is an epic saga initially following what seems to be a man’s efforts towards revenge on the death of his wife and his own wrongful imprisonment by a corrupt judge, with a simple good guy/ bad guy theme, that quickly unravels into a plot of murder, blood and carnage, wherein it appears no one is in the right any more. Famously adapted in 2008 by Tim Burton with Johnny Depp in the titular role, and Helena Bonham Carter as our human meat pie making murdress Mrs Lovett, Sweeney Todd is not just a great bloody musical, but also an important moment in pop culture, being so widely known it’s become a common part of the cultural lexicon; everyone is afraid of the Sweeney.

– Alice Fortt



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