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The dark and seductive murder mystery will definitely get you through this isolation period.

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Right now, in this current climate it is the best time to binge watch loads of shows on Netflix and trust me the teen-thriller Dare Me is one to add to the list. Dare Me is based upon the book with the same title written by Megan Abbott, the main themes of the show centre around American cheerleading with a dark and twisted nature exploring themes of toxic friendship, obsession and power. If you enjoyed both You and Cheer this show merges the two together, not only depicting the amazing physicality it takes to do cheerleading but has a strong murder mystery behind it which will get you stuck into the story. The story focuses around Beth (Marlo Kelly) and Addy (Herizen Guardiola) who are both cheerleaders at Sutton Grove High School, they are both inseparable and co-dependent till a new coach, Colette French (Willa Fitzgerald), takes over the squad. Addy becomes infatuated with the coach and throughout it seems Addy sees the coach in a romantic way instead of as just a mentor. As she gets closer to the coach this puts a strain between Beth and Addy’s relationship as again it is suspected throughout that their friendship had reached a sexual level shown through flashbacks that see them kissing.

What makes the show so intriguing is that you know there is a murder right at the beginning of the first episode, you don’t know who died or even who was the murderer but it is suspected that one of the three female leads has something to do with it or was the one murdered. The 10-episode series is an addictive watch and despite the slow beginning once the season reaches the fifth episode you just can’t stop watching. Highlights without revealing plot include the amazing cheerleading stunts that are sometimes done in slow-motion, half the time you are in awe at how cheerleaders basically defy gravity. One episode we see the same event happen from the three main characters perspective, we see how our own view of things can change the narrative, this makes for an epic and thoughtful watch. You become engrossed in the characters’ lives; you want to know their backstory as they are fully realised characters which always makes for amazing television.

The show has gotten insane reviews and many of proclaimed its excellence for having three outstanding female leads, the show makes the men in the story outsiders which is always a powerful statement. We see the toxicity of female friendships which is often rarely explored but makes for a fascinating and intriguing watch. Whilst we are still in isolation, I would definitely add Dare Me to your watchlist.

Dare Me is available to stream on Netflix now. Watch the trailer below:


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